What is a retirement savings plan ?

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A retirement plan is a savings plan that enables you to bridge the gap between your state pension and your final salary upon retirement. Personal pension savings plans slot in alongside the state pension and an additional pension offered by companies to their staff, and is therefore a 3rd pillar scheme.


What is the yield or return, from a personal pension retirement plan?

The return or yield in a personal pension plan depends on a series of individual criteria such as the duration of the policy, the amount of the premiums, also the chosen risk formula. The pension simulator enables you to calculate the amount of capital which is forecasted to accumulate upon retirement, and then helps you to optimise your savings premium.

What tax breaks can I benefit from?

  • Tax deductibility of savings premiums
  • Tax deductibility of death and disablement premiums


How does a personal pension retirement savings plan work?

A personal pension plan is strongly encouraged by the Luxembourg state through tax breaks, so as to take the pressure off the state pension scheme (Caisse de Pension) which is having difficulties in providing for future generations.

Essentially it is a life insurance policy with a minimum term of 10 years, where the lump sum amount is partially released at age 60 (or on retirement depending on the policy conditions). The rest of the capital is paid as a lifetime annuity until the death of the beneficiary.

In addition, for tax purposes you can you may deduct the premiums paid into your personal pension policy each year (subject to a limit per household member, also depending on your age).


Why choose the Foyer Assurances retirement plan?

  • Attractive return
  • Risk level in-line with your investor profile
  • Free choice of beneficiary to receive death benefit
  • Flexible plan
  • Professional advice

Our retirement savings solutions

Foyer Assurances has developed a range of personal pension saving plans that comply with the requirements of the income tax laws.

Our retirement savings plans offer various levels of return depending on your objectives:

  • 'zenith60': you save and protect your loved ones in the event of death
  • 'horizont60 capi': you benefit from a guarantee on your savings that have accumalated at an attractive return.
  • 'horizont60 invest': your savings are invested in a UCITS (funds) and you benefit from stock market returns.


What happens to your lifetime annuity on your death?

In general, payments under a lifetime annuity cease on death of the insured. With certain personal retirement plans it is possible to opt for a lifetime annuity that converts to a widow's pension for the spouse. In such cases the spouse continues to benefit from the pension until death. Ask our advisers.


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