Which term insurance should I choose?

Term insurance enables you to secure a loan and protect your loved ones if you die or if you become unable to work for the duration of the loan. Depending on the formula chosen, you can not only meet your inheritance tax liabilities, but also guarantee a stable financial future for your next of kin.


Why choose a Foyer Assurances term insurance plan?

To help you meet your need for security, we can offer you a term insurance that is suited to your situation:

  • Protection for your home mortgage
  • Lump sum payable to your loved ones
  • Tax deductible premiums


Focus, repaying the amount outstanding on your loans

'Focus' is a life insurance product designed to cover the outstanding amount on your loan in the event of your death, or disability. We pay the outstanding balance on your loan to the lending institution and your loan is settled.

Focus on finance - a look at our term insurances on outstanding loan amounts

Our term insurance on outstanding loans (TSRD) 'focus financement' covers mortgage loans and long term investments made for the purchase, or the construction of a family home or business premises. In addition to the death benefit, you can take out protection for total permanent disability, also serious illness, which prevents you from continuing to work.

"chronos" term insurance

With 'chronos', you have a fixed insured death benefit which will be paid out to the beneficiary of your choice in the event of death. You choose the death benefit and policy term, and we set the premium depending on your age with advantageous terms and conditions.


What is double or triple benefit cover?

You can top up your term life insurance with accident cover. This cover doubles or triples the death benefit in the event of death by accident and triggers immediate pay out of the death benefit in the event of total permanent inability to work as a result of an accident.

What repayments are made in the event of disability?

When you have taken out disability cover, Foyer Assurances assumes (totally or partially) payment of term insurance premiums in the event that the insured person becomes disabled. This cover also enables you to obtain the immediate release of the death benefit amount in the main policy, in the event of a total and permanent inability to work.

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